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Sunday, October 19, 2008

lost puppies!!!

okay this week was a bit draining and stressful from wednesday night until thursday evening.  for those of you who didn't know we lost our little puppies, lucy and max, when the gate didn't get shut tight.  (see photos of them on the sidebar.)

unbeknownst to the girls and i they had gotten out while we were inside having dinner wed night.  mauricio came home and said he found gunnar and maya, our adult dogs, out of the property down the street!  but no puppies!  we were all a bit freaked out needless to say.  mauricio went out to search, we went out to search, along with my fabulous neighbor, sue.  once the girls were in bed i went out again and then mauricio another time too.  i registered them on several sites for lost dogs where they forward the messages and pictures to various shelters in the area, including the pound.

i couldn't sleep or eat the entire time.  pure adrenaline was pushing me all day on thursday.  my neighbor, sue, made some flyers for me since my printer was out of ink.  she and another neighbor, michelle, also were looking that morning.  sue called several people to keep their eyes out for them.  i also did the same.  so once i got the flyers made up gracie and i went and hung them up EVERYWHERE!  we put them in the store fronts, telephone poles, stop signs, handed them out to people we saw on the street, gave them to crossing guards, etc.... everyone was so amazingly helpful!  as soon as they would find out they would pick up the phone and call kids that were at home to keep an eye out, siblings that live near us to go take a look around their streets.  it was unbelievable!  

our search took us to animal control (the pound) to file a report and to see if by some small chance they had been picked up and taken in.  NO LUCK!  we were on our way home after putting up our last flyer in the local feed store feeling very sad and depressed, but with plans to hit the ballpark that night to pass out flyers to all the families there when we got a phone call.  YES!  a very nice family just down the street and around the corner from our house had our puppies!!!!!!!!  what a relief!  she and her husband had been at work all day, since 6AM, and had just gotten home and saw one of the flyers.  

we were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited and relieved to get our babies back.  when we got home the happy family was reunited and lots of licking and barking ensued.  max jumped out of the car when he saw maya.  we, the humans, celebrated by going out to pizza.  (basically i didn't feel like cooking after all that.)  

when we were home enjoying the puppies sarah and i were pondering about how one thing can change your life for the bad or the good.  when we lost the puppies it was bad but how one phone call from an honest and sweet neighbor changed it back for the good.  

many thanks to all those who pitched in to help whether by looking, calling, making flyers or just being good friends by listening to my sadness and frustration on the phone!  


Heidi said...

Holy cow it sounds like you had a harrowing few days! I am glad that your story has a happy ending. I can't imagine how you would have handled it with the girls had the pups stayed lost.

I am really am that you found your babies and that you have so many great friends and neighbors who helped you look!

Loving it more and more everyday. said...

I am so glad you found your puppies!! That was quite the ordeal! Goodness! Those puppies are so lucky!

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