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Monday, December 15, 2008

an afternoon at the beach, in november (i know you people in the snow are all jealous!)

thanksgiving weekend (yes, i am still trying to catch up on my blogging! while i do everything else!) we took a drive in the jeep with the top off! it was great! the weather was nice and cool and we had clear skies to enjoy the scenery. we ended up driving on A1A by all the HUGE mansions right across from the ocean. they are HUGE! we ended up at the beach for a bit. it was a nice cool day for just hanging out and getting some good pictures.
don't be jealous all you utah people! this is florida in november! it's what we suffer through the brutal summers for!
what a manly man!
i love this one! they look so little next to the big ocean.
gracie was having fun jumping in this hole until the tide came in and it filled up with water. then she couldn't do it for fear of getting her dress wet! oh heavens! what a girlie girl.
pondering the great mysteries of the universe together.

gracie informed me they were looking for starfish in this one.

sarah and mauricio doing their "so you think you can dance" moves. (no she is not doing what you might think she is doing, it's a seashell she is showing the camera!)


Older and Wisor said...

Are those people swimming in the background? I know it's warmer than here but SWIMMING?? Love the photos...someday we'll make the (five hour) drive and let the kids see the ocean (Sierra was 3 the last time we were at the beach).

Pollock Family said...

Awesome pics of the girls! yous should blow them up huge and stick them on the wall. And look at you in your fantsy jeep. So sporty!

3girlsmom said...

yes becky, those would be the tourists swimming. notice the natives (us) are in full on winter gear! we are wimps with thin blood. the girls got their legs wet but afterwards they were like "we are so cold!".

Anonymous said...

I hate you! I am freezing. I won't stop snowing.

Monica Bennion said...

I cannot even express the jealousy I have over that trip to the beach. It has been snowing here for days and is going to continue right on snowing, I think it was 17 degrees when I took the kids to school this morning!! I am working really hard to get Greg to see the benefits of moving back to Florida, it took him and hour and a half to go to work yesterday, his store is 11.8 miles from our house!!

The Johnston's said...

Oh my gosh I miss the beach! I think I am going to tell Ryan we want to move back there instead. AND....... When did you get that jeep!!!? Ryan wants one of those.. but we are poor. :) Super cute pics.

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