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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the taco bell tradition

so every year it is our tradition to go get our christmas tree and then go to taco bell afterward for dinner. one year it was really late and we ate in the car! that is how serious this tradition is! mauricio and i started it the first year we were married because at that time we had NO money and tacos were only 59cents! so we spent like $6.00 and ate dinner that year after we got our first tree. we spend a bit more than $6.00 nowadays, but we still have as much fun as we did on that first christmas.

this year we decided to go eat first and so by the time we got to lowe's it was closing time and we barely got our tree and we totally forgot to take any pics! at least we got these good ones at taco bell. oops! but we did score and got a 9 ft tree for $27.00!

gracie had fun posing in almost all the pics.
having the first bite of dessert empenada together.


kks said...

very cute family....kids too! :)

t.t. Millers said...

My boys would die if I took a camera into Taco bell and photographed them! They already think I am embarrassing! :) I think it's funny you have a tradition at Taco bell. I told my middle son about it because Taco bell is his all time favorite place to eat. Now he wants it to be our tradition too!!

The Johnston's said...

Mmmmm!! Yummy. Good idea! I miss you.

Pollock Family said...

$27 is a steal! Was that because of the economy or because it's usually that cheap? I'm gonna have to talk Justin in to that. He won't buy a dead tree. Love the lights and decor, esp that angel!

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