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Thursday, June 18, 2009

homemade knitting needles?

leave it to savannah to do something like this. you have to admit she is a clever one. she got this idea from a knitting video we had been watching. (see previous post) in the video this lady teaches some kids how to make their own knitting needles out of dowels. well, i guess the nice ones that i bought at the store weren't good enough for her! my first reaction was to be very upset since what she used was REALLY NICE TINKER TOYS!!! did i mention that they aren't cheap???? so i told her that it was unacceptable and she had to pay me $3 for them. i handed them to her and said "enjoy your purchase!" notice how she even put the little knobs on the ends. the points were sharpened lovingly with a pencil sharpener.
here is the culprit with her new purchase. happy knitting sista!

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Laura D said...

That is to funny!

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