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Thursday, June 18, 2009

why i've been a slacker

here is the reason that it took so long for me to post the end of the year stuff. i have taken up a new hobby. knitting! for all of you who know how much i HATE dislike sewing this is a real feat! it is quite addicting to say the least. and to also put it into perspective - i am a lefty! that means i have to figure out how to do everything the OPPOSITE of what the instructions say. can i say how much i love youtube! 2 hours and a few knotted tries later i was on my way to my first creation. i am not the best, nor do i know how to do much right now, but i am learning and really enjoying it. so far only scarves, but after i do one for each girl then i can move on. maybe to hats. funny how most things knitted are not for our sunny south florida weather! well, all of you out there in cold places might be getting some fun things to keep you warm. (and yes, heidi you have first dibs! what's your favorite color again?)

just finished this one for savannah. her fave color. and it's sooooo soft!!! and the yarn was in the 99 cent bin!
how could you NOT want to do something with all this yummy yarn? the blue one in the middle is what i am using right now for gracie's. it is sooooo cool the way it is turning out. and yes, all of it came from the 99 cent bin at michael's. i am not ready to venture into the snotty pricey knitting store in town yet. this was the first one i did. love the color and texture. (it hides all the mistakes that i know i made.)
as you can see sarah has laid claim to it.
and now the girls are doing some of their own. i was actually surprised that gracie actually picked it up, with help. but she is able to do the stitching on her own. crazy! this one is of sarah's creation. she says that whoever's birthday comes the closest when she is finished gets it!
the reason i started this latest obsession is because of my other obsession: books! i read a fab book, that is laugh out loud funny, (here) that was lent to me by my fab friend and now i am a chick with sticks! i have helped her get back to knitting and she in turn has taught me to crochet. we may not be as great as her daughter who whipped up a totally cute hat for her baby on the way on her first try (PUKE on you katie - kidding.) but we aren't that bad. teaching the girls was not that hard using this video. (and marybeth and i actually sat and watched it to figure out how to purl) we checked it out from our local library and we were off! it is actually inspiring since it is a little boy who is like maybe 7 teaching you how to knit!


Heidi said...

Wow! Heather you have found your calling! I have tried to knit and just can't seem to get it down. You my friend have talent!

Oh & red...red is my favorite! :)

Laura D said...

That is great! Can't wait to get mine! You can also get fun yarn at the dollar store!

3girlsmom said...

thanks for the tip laura! have to check it out next time i drive by!

katie k said...

oh man! I haven't checked your blog in FOREVER, cause I kept checking it and you hadn't blogged.... well I see I have a lot to catch up on...
1. I WENT TO HL Johnson! I LOVED that place. Crazy that your daughter is going to be in middle school now!

2.um, last thing I heard you guys (you and my mom) thought knitting was impossibly hard, and now you have knit multiple scarves (very pretty ones btw)??? DAng girl! You put me to shame! I had to stop, because just touching the yarn made me hot in my pregnant state!

3.How cool that your daughter made her own knitting needles?!!!! SO COOL! I hope my kids are inventive like that:)

4. I had an art piece on display at the Boca Art Museum when I was in fifth grade. and it wasn't part of a children's exhibit, just a local artist exhibit. But... it was near the restrooms:) Cool that you guys got to go visit for free. and so cultured!

5. I love that quote you took a photo of at the museum. so true.

Happy Fourth o'July!!!!

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