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Monday, June 8, 2009

yay savannah!

savannah had a few end of the year events as well. the first few pics are of her 2nd grade award ceremony. she did a great job and we are very proud of her for her STRAIGHT A's!!! these pics are from her make-up field day. it was SOOOOOOOOO dang hot! i don't think the kids even wanted to do it. savannah says they should do field day in the winter and i must admit i concur. field day in june in south florida is just not fun.mom could you please stop taking pictures.

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katie k said...

uh YEAH! what were the teachers or administration thinking? i mean THEY had to be out there too right? Have they never lived in Florida in the summer? That sounds like torture. And tell Sarah thank you (for thinking my room was cool:))

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