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Monday, June 15, 2009

more 5th grade stuff

here are a few more 5th grade things. i swear i am going to get the rest done before she starts middle school. these are from the luncheon and the awards ceremony. apparently her hands were more interesting than her teacher getting a sword through his neck!

did you think i was kidding?
sarah says these are "the best teachers EVER!" i must agree because if you can make kids excited about being at school than you've got talent!

the 5th grade awards ceremony was fun. her teachers did a special tribute their class. i was going to post them but decided not to bore you all with those details as we would be the only ones to truly appreciate them.

sarah trying to hide from the camera and the 5th grade awards. i don't know why she does this as she is well aware that the pics, good or bad, go on the blog.
with the principal

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