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Sunday, December 20, 2009

houston we have a decorated tree. finally!

our tree has been decorated for a few days now, but just getting things posted from this last week.  it's been one CA-RAY-ZY week!  why schools deem in necessary to do EVERY activity for the month of december during the last week of school is beyond me!  but we did survive.  here is our GORG tree.  we almost got a shorter one, but sooooo glad we rethought it.  it would have looked dwarfed in our living room.

*warning: lots of pictures. 

every year we give the girls a new ornament.  this year we found the perfect ones. 
here is sarah's cell phone one.  and it's even the color of her phone. thank you target.

savannah's is a piano since she started lessons this year.

gracie's is fitting as she started kindergarten this year.

here are a few of our other faves.
this one sarah's bff, katie, gave her one year when they were super little.

savannah loves and wants a cat sooooooo badly.  this is as close as she'll get right now.  i love how the lady put her name on the tail.  super cute.

i love these dainty ornaments we gave them one year.

this one was even named "grace".  how perfect is that?

notice anything missing?  poor ballerina's arm was amputated when the tree fell on dad in 2007.  grace was also hit by the flying angel.  it was a christmas to remember and we always will with this little reminder.  it used to really bug me, but now serves as a fond and funny (now) christmas memory.

i painted these little gems one year for the girls for their ornaments.  how can you resist that face?

these homemade ones are, by far, some of my faves. every year i always get to add a few.

this one we ALL love and everyone always wants to hang it.  it is quite heavy so, for now, it must be hung high and needs to be done by me or mauricio. (another year with a squabble avoided)  we love it because it looks just like us as we head home with the tree on top of our big red car with all of us inside.

and we always love to look at these as we hang them and everytime have to say "wow! you are sooooo big now!" time goes by way too fast.


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katie k said...

I always love putting up the ornaments with memories....

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