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Sunday, December 20, 2009

more crafty goodness

i am just a crafting machine this christmas season!  don't anyone fall out of your chair reading this post.  actually i love to craft i just feel i have no brain power for the creative part of it.  so i just steal other's ideas or just pick their brains.  my fab girlfriend, marybeth, suggested we do key fobs for teacher gifts this year.  genius!  it was so fun to make them.  after christmas we are going to make more stuff for next christmas! i'm smelling some ornaments and maybe jewelry comin on.

all we did was stamp out some really cool initials onto fimo clay, poked a hole in the top for the keychain, rubbed on some paint after they had been baked and VOILA! instant personalized teacher gifts!  she let us use her fimo and i found key chains at the dollar store 12/$1.  you can't get any cheaper than that! (okay free is cheaper, but come on!)

i love how they look all vintage-y.
add a cute saying with a key shaped die cut no less.

tie them onto some tasty homemade treats.

and you have a fabulous teacher gift that they will LOVE.  (for the girl teachers with long hair we also included some of the pony tail holders.)


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I almost fell out of my seat for sure - CUUUUUUTE! And cheap?? Seriously, I would never even know. Thanks for the inspiration, although my crafting has taken a two week vacation.....after I finish Hayden's quilt for Christmas, that is...(why did I even start that??)

Anonymous said...

These are way cute. Way to go ! What stamps did you use?

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