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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

thank goodness this joan of arc didn't get burned at the stake

this year savannah's class had to do an oral biography report on someone famous in history. and they had to dress the part while presenting. she originally wanted to do j.k. rowling, but because of some misunderstanding (don't even ask. it's a long story.) she ended up choosing joan of arc. which, quite frankly, was much more fun to dress up for.

most everything was borrowed from my good friend, MaryBeth, who has EVERYTHING. the helmet, with a few coats of silver spray paint, came courtesy of my other good friend, jenny, who has EVERYTHING else. and good ole dad even chipped in by making the breastplate. i did all the borrowing and spray painting and putting together. that counts right?

and did i mention this was due the day before halloween?????? is this some kind of ploy by the teachers to make our lives even more out of control than they are? four costumes for three kids in one week!

joan of arc off to battle barefoot. =)

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