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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the wedding of the century


in the kindergarten this year there was a wedding. yes, i said a wedding in kindergarten. it was to bind forever in holy matrimony the letters q & u. it was adorable. all of kindergarten attended in their best attire and since one of gracie's teachers was in charge of it, her class was able to participate. gracie was one of the bridesmaids! isn't that a hoot?

here is the principal presiding over the ceremony.

there was even a wedding cake!

everyone had to bring a "gift" for show & tell that started with "qu". gracie brought a "quillow". if you don't know what that is please try to figure it out by the context clues and picture.

here she is with just a few members of her posse at the "reception".


Anonymous said...

ok the wedding for the Q & U is the cutest thing in the world. I will have to suggest it to our kindergarten teacher.

katie k said...

love this idea!!! and so many fun birthdays!!! your girls were super cute in their costumes too.

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