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Saturday, October 25, 2008

and so the halloween fun begins!

here are the little ones one their first halloween adventure of the year.  our ward had it's annual trunk-or-treat last night.  we normally don't go unless halloween falls on a sunday, but my girlfriend talked me into going so we went and had a good time.  it also helps give us a dress rehearsal for halloween night.  brady lasted about 5 min as toto.  good thing we brought a back up.  he'll be staying home on halloween night!  this year sarah and savannah pretty much got their costumes from their own closets/dress up bin!  we love that!  happy halloween!

dorothy with "toto"
the gold medal gymnast

trading candy! check out the pile the girl (taylor) on the right has. she went around 11 times!  her poor parents!

me and marybeth, my friend that talked me into coming.  notice our outfits!  totally NOT planned! we could have gone as a pair with our opposite outfits.  great minds think alike and have the same colors in their wardrobe.  too funny!!!!


Pollock Family said...

Now I don't feel so bad about not having a Halloween costume. I did see a shirt today that said in large sparkely letters, "This is my costume". For $15 I left it right there on the rack, but thought about markering it on a shirt myself:)

The Johnston's said...

Come on... I know you really planned it. ;) You look so cute! I miss you!!!!

The Johnston's said...

oh! ADORABLE COSTUMES!!! They are soo cute.. Toto is very cute too! :)

Heidi said...

I love the costumes! I really need to get going on ours. We have been out of town too much and now I have a lot of sewing to do. Your girls are soooo cute! And I do have to say your twins costume rocks - planned or not! :)

Mari said...

Your girls are beautiful! Dorothy and Toto are the cutest, ever!

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