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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

caught in the act!

our girls are FOREVER playing outside doing who knows what. mauricio and i got some "action" shots of them doing their thing. they are always doing some sort of role-play out there. sticks and pine cones are always involved and lately a few lanterns and flashlights. don't ask me what they are doing here but it looks like some sort of foraging or farming. my girlfriend says maybe because of their indian blood they are calling upon their instincts to hunt and gather! whatever it is they do they have fun at it!sarah decided she wanted to go outside and read. (she is such a cute nerdy girl.) so i got some good pics of her. i seriously felt like the paparazzi hiding in the bushes to get these shots! thank goodness for zoom lenses! she didn't want to come in, but it got dark and it was a school night. gunnar ever the good companion!

then she caught ME!


Anonymous said...

I love times like these. It reminds me that girls can be sweet. I am so jealous of your weather. I am freezing!

Beth said...

You have sooo much green in your pictures! It snowed here yesterday and now we are frozen waiting for the next storm to come this weekend. Oh well, the skiing will be great!!
Your girls are tall beauties that will drive the boys crazy as they get older.

Older and Wisor said...

Are you sure they're farming? It looks like they are using it as a pole....I told you that your example would eventually wear off LOL If our grass was still that green I'd be out there reading too. That is if the fire ants would ever leave me alone.

Heidi said...

You should start making some money with your paparazzi pictures -- don't you have some of Brad and Angalina?

I love the picture of you getting caught -- I don't think Brad & Ang will be so nice.

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