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Friday, June 19, 2009

afternoon at the museum

today was a fun day! we took a trip to the boca art museum. the public libraries here in palm beach county are giving out free tickets to various museums in the area and this was one of the places we chose. the girls were a bit skeptical at first, but enjoyed themselves immensely. it was a perfect sized art museum for them. not too big and a variety of art to expose them to. painted art, photography, sculptures (and a really nice sculpture garden outside), and some neat pieces from africa, mesoamerica and china.

my favorite was all the photography. and they had a great piece by my fave artist george seurat. just a small one but it was nice. they also had some picassos and an andy warhol. trying to explain to the girls how cool all this stuff is was quite the challenge, but at least they were exposed. just like some of the naked ladies portrayed in some of the pieces that they were giggling and embarrassed about!

these are outside as they don't allow cameras inside the museum.

this was a nice piece outside the entrance.
the girls "not touching" the artwork. (just noticed that if you put the two previous pics together it's almost what the sculpture looks like! i'm such an artist. ha!)

we saw this on our way out. love it!

enjoying the "artwork" on the way home.

maybe he's going to make some of his own art at home.


Heidi said...

I do love the artwork out front too and the art work on your way home! :) How come you didn't say hi to me and I would have shared some snacks with you. Just honk next time.

Pollock Palooza said...

What's art without boobs? I laugh as I think of that statue outside the music building @ Fresno State (where I spent 3 years of my life). The statue- 3 girls in a circle, their backs to each other, holding hands wearing nothing but skirts. Got a little dose of nude every time I went to school.

Older and Wisor said...

Boobs are far less entertaining than a truck full of pastries, hands down.

Unless, of course, you're a man.

katie k said...

hey chica! look for a LONG comment down below on all your new entries:)

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