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Monday, June 8, 2009

virgin ears no more

in the linares family it is a right of passage that when you turn 8 you get your ears pierced. (good thing we don't have any boys.) so it was savannah's turn recently. she is so cute with her earrings and she takes care of them all by herself.

waiting in anticipation. i got me some nice dots on my ears.

i love this shot. "is it over?" "is that it?"
pretty pierced ears.


Anonymous said...

What no tears? That's not right. I have 4 girls and only one brave enough to try it...guess which one.

Heidi said...

We had Alli wait until she was 8 too but I caved in and let Lily get hers last November -- with her cousin.

She looks cute! I am glad you got the play by play!

Older and Wisor said...

We told Sierra she could do it whenever she wanted. After a few "almosts" (meaning we get to the dot part they pull out the gun and she runs screaming out of the store....3 different times!) she got hers done for her 10th bday.

Only one more to go then,right?

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