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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

merry and bright

merry christmas!  i hope everyone's christmas was merry and bright.  here are a few highlights.

savannah received a bell from santa's sleigh just like she asked for in her letter. (and yes, we all could hear it ringing.)

sarah was hooked up with a fabulous scooter from the big guy.  savannah liked it better than the one she has because of some fancy new bar on the back to help the rider do tricks.  i told her it's because it's newer than hers and she promptly corrected me and said "no it's because it was made special by the elves, mom."

and gracie was treated to a new bike by her loving parents.  (she forgot to ask santa so we kindly obliged.  the poor child deserved it.  she has never had a new bike and is using one that her two older sisters already went through.  and the dogs might have chewed on it a little and it's WAY too small for her.)

santa satisfied the selena gomez obsession.

i couldn't resist this one because i LOVE her face when she was opening it.  clothes just brighten a girl's day at any age.

this one was saved for last.  we have logged many hours on this thing already.  mom and dad scored with this gift!

and then the aftermath, that was, believe it or not, just cleaned up tonight.


Anonymous said...

looks like it was a success and everyone was happy. Have a great New Year's Eve!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

That #1 Sister ornament must have been delivered to Florida by mistake....Liz was trying to send it to Texas...

Anonymous said...

Love your new picture - Mauricio finally made the cut! Well, he deserves it, I guess, since he looks pretty darn cute with all his girls around him!
Also, love the new descriptions of each of the girls. They continue to be the cutest!
Mary Beth

Mari said...

Love your family photo in your header!
(especially Mauricio's stuffed dog, cuz you don't have enough four legged canines :)
Such a beautiful family!!!

sassy said...

Wasn't this a little while ago? Good post but update mum!
love you,

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