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Friday, December 4, 2009

thanksgiving weekend part 2 (cityplace)

the day after thanksgiving we all had a great day. went to the track in the morning and cityplace in the afternoon/evening. we saw "a christmas carol" at the imax. it was a bit intense for gracie and she was a bit intense for me. in my opinion, it was an "ok" movie. but the company was great.after the movie we sauntered around cityplace a bit. there was a ballet group performing the nutcracker, so we watched for a little while. savannah had the best seat in the house.
tell me she's not the cauuutest!we did a little window shopping and wandered into a really fab store: restoration hardware. do you think they would mind if i just sat in their big comfy couches all day with my laptop? seriously, i want to live there! do you see what i mean?then we went into all the overpriced, but fun, boutiques and i think we may have made a few of the sales ladies annoyed and a bit nervous. but we just ignored them. tell me this girl isn't tres chic!and this one is totally hip. and this clock is way fun. it has a bell tower to go with. love it!love it even more at night.merry christmas!


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

You know I need that clock!

p.s I love it when sales people give you that "Please leave my store with all of your noisy children already" look....not that I've ever gotten it myself. It was probably only Mauricio misbehaving anyways. HA!

katie k said...

this post makes me miss living down there by city place!!!! we always spent the holidays shopping there!!!

and it looks like your thanksgiving was lots of family fun! your family does so many things! i hope i am that way with my kids. and not too lazy to go experience the place we live in.

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