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Saturday, December 19, 2009

watch out! i'm about to get all martha on your butt!

i had to blog about this momentous occassion because i actually did some really cute crafting that didn't involve recycling another child's previous class project or it didn't take me like a bazillion years to actually complete. and when i say CAUUUUTE i mean CAUUUUUTE!
i must preface this post by saying that i cannot take the credit for the idea.  my girlfriend, heidi, gave it to me when i desperately emailed her in dire need of an cheap inexpensive and lazy effortless gift for my girlie girls' girlfriends.  follow?  anyhoo.  it had to be something that i didn't have to whip out the sewing machine for because, well.....i'm not sure i actually remember how to even thread the thing.  (if you don't already know. i HATE sewing!) 

this is a BIG thing for me to make something and have it turn out so cute.  heidi made these last year for her daughter's friends/teammates (i think that was the case. don't ask me to remember that kind of detail.  i barely remember where i live).  She probably makes these things in her sleep considering she is a huge sewer (is that right?)/quilter/martha stewart prodigy.  for me....this is an occassion worth blogging about.

get yourself some of these from the dollar store,

 some of these shiny things with a 40% off coupon at joanne's, (don't be afraid to use your kids so you can get multiple packs at once.)

and some of this pretty stuff.

then you end up with these CAUUUUUTE thingies.

it became quite addicting and i got a little obsessed with the endless possibilities.

we made big ones.

and cute little bitty ones.

and even a twin pair for "pinkie tails".

this is one of my faves because of the color combination.

how sweet is this little birdie?

then tie them onto some yummy homemade snack mix and kachow! you have a fab gift for cute little girls. 

 thanks again heidi for the great idea.  they were a big hit!

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katie k said...

soooo cute! I love them!!look at you little crafter!

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