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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


well, yes it is october and we finally had sarah's friend party. better late than never! she decided to have another sleepover, which was fine by me. cheap and easy! i made pizza (not the dough, but it was homemade from the publix bakery. and if you live down here you know how good the publix bakery is.) and the cake and pancakes the next morning. pink chocolate chip ones to be exact! thanks to allison and lynsey's suggestion on the food coloring. cute! they played telephone, hide and go seek, swam, watched 2 movies and ate. the girls had a really good time, especialy sarah, so it was a success in my eyes, even if we lost two to stomach ailments (blech!).
doing the craft that everyone gave up on except sarah who was really into it. good thing we got this picture of katrina (far right) as she went home due to a stomach ache. :(

savannah and rebecca

sarah, lynsey, and graciegotta have a game of telephone at a sleepover
at sarah's request i made this little number of a cake that we saw on the cover of a family circle magazine. really good! it's a pumpkin maple spice cake with cream cheese and maple frosting and chocolate and cream dripped over the top! we served it with pumpkin and cake batter ice cream. YUM!

i don't know why they were eating off the floor. go figure.
you have a nice table and they still sit on the floor!
of course the puppies were a big hit with all the
animal lovers in the group. allison with our lucy. she has a lucy at home too!
katie, sarah and savannah with whom we are currently calling "max". (mauricio still says no to that one) puppy love.
katie, ever the animal lover, trying to teach brady some tricks.
and of course PRESENTS!
we gave sarah this hat and she has worn it everyday since. except to school of course. she got some great gifts from her buddies. monkey stuff, books and gift cards! thanks everyone! (notice katie in the background of these last two pictures with the dogs!)
and of course they had to swim again the next morning!

and brady swam too!
the whole gang. (minus katrina.)

side note: katie was the 2nd one down with the stomach flu! poor girl was quarantined to sarah's room for the night with a fever. then stayed in my room the next morning till her dad could come and get her. (they live an hour away!)


Heidi said...

Gotta love a girly sleep-over! It looks like you had a lot of fun! And hey you made a pretty fancy cake there missy! It looks like IT could be on the cover of family circle!

Oh & I like the idea of coloring the pancakes!

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

who needs games when you've got puppies?! ;)

Lynelle said...

aw, it looks like fun! xD

Johnston Family said...

That looks so yummy!!! You have to send me the receipe!

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