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Monday, September 29, 2008

busy weekend!

i finally got everything posted from the busy weekend that we had.

book club was thursday night. parents came home from mish on friday that was also gracie's birthday. and we were gone from the house ALL DAY that day. saturday was filled with a baby shower for the daughter of a friend of mine. WEIRD!!!! i've known her daughter since she was in young women's! OLD!!! me not her.

then we had a dinner before the rs broadcast on saturday night so i went straight from the baby shower (an hour away) to the chapel to help get that ready and then enjoy the broadcast. remember that we are on eastern time so it doesn't even start until 8pm. and all the while my dear husband was with the kids! he put in a full day that day. although i must confess that he was texting me while i was at the broadcast asking how to warm up the soup. gotta love that!

then a trip to get some food for sunday and monday after the broadcast! but it was with a friend so it was enjoyable. thanks for the invite sally!

then, of course, church sunday morning! and wouldn't ya know it our internet was sluggish and then non-existent after church when i finally had time to post!

but, alas i am all caught up with it now! wish i could say that for my paper scrapbooking! and the laundry too, but that is being done while i type! hey at least the dishes are done! well, better go since the kids will be home in about 20 min and then all you know what breaks out! and there is NO SCHOOL tomorrow so there will be no time to do this fun stuff. well, at least not without 3 crazy kids running around or hanging on me. it's a jewish holiday. the perks of living in south florida!


Pollock Family said...

jewish holidays... do you get an extra 8 days off for Hanukkah? :)

3girlsmom said...

wouldn't that be nice? no on second thought not really b/c then we would have to go to school longer in the spring.

Laura D said...

Illinois gets Polish holiday. We loved that growing up!

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