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Saturday, December 11, 2010

birthday mania

we celebrated a few birthdays in the last few months.  this year was a little different because we didn't have the traditional birthday partys for the girls.  things got hectic and we celebrated in other ways.  

although not pictured, sarah opted for an awesome new phone for her birthday instead of a party.  as she so cleverly stated: "it's a party in my hand." BUT, that fancy new phone came with some strings attached; like the fact that she sold her soul to her father!  she has to participate in triathlons and 5ks for the 2 year contract she has on the phone.  they even wrote up and signed a contract and everything.  she's done one 5k so far and many more will be on the agenda!

we were lucky enough to have mauricio's dad in town during his birthday.  it was a particularly exciting one because as some of you may know, he was diagnosed last year with stage 4 colon cancer. thanks to the wonderful treatment he received in salt lake over the past year he is still with us.  we are waiting for the last tests to be conducted and then we hopefully will be able to consider him a cancer survivor.  
 i love this shot with all the smoke!

 after cake and ice cream we all played a rousing game of kings and serfs.  thanks to the rosebroughs for introducing us to this great game! and just so we're clear; yes, the hats are part of the game.

 zachary, my nephew, was a little shy about having his picture taken in one of my hats.  i don't get it.  it's a great hat! could it be because he is just too cool? or just that he is 14? or both?  this was the best photo i could get.  i am sure he will deny fiercely that it is him.  ;)
 gracie turned 7 this year.  one of mauricio's races fell on her birthday, so we decided to take an extra day and go early to hang out in the hotel to celebrate.  it was a lot of fun.  we ate room service, swam in the HUGE cloverleaf shaped spa and ventured around the area.  it is located on biscayne bay and has a fantastic ambiance. instead of birthday cake we got yummy cheesecake, chocolate cake and chocolate mousse from the great little deli downstairs.  

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Denise said...

Those hats are awesome! I love the idea of phone for exercise. Elizabeth finally got one recently and swore she was the only kid in 8th grade without one.. The Martha paint is just thick, not necessarily with primer in it. Renee' just had Sherwin Williams colors matched for the Behr primer/paint at Home Depot and loved that it was one coat, too!!!

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