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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!

yeah, i am sure all of you out there in bloggerville missed me immensely right???? well, first it was the excuse of not having the time or energy to post, then we were robbed and my laptop was stolen, along with the cable to connect the camera to the computer.   so all the recent photos were either on my laptop (still trying to see if we can find them on our server from the hard drive recovery we conducted over the summer.) or on the camera.  we couldn't even charge it since the battery charger was stolen as well.  

well, we finally resolved those issues and i have no more excuses except work, vacation, organizing and laziness.  hopefully i will get some pics up this week.  they will be old, but hey! it's my blog and i can post what i want. right? hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving!


Raquel said...

this post just made my day!

seriously, how long can you use that lame "we were robbed" excuse?

i'm excited to see photos of your beautiful girls and self soon.

Denise said...

So sorry about the stolen goods... Big bummer! I was wondering what happened to your lovely blog! Yeah- you're back. Hearing "the music of the night" brings back awesome memories of front row, Phantom of the Opera on Broadway with my mom last year! Thank you!!!

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