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Thursday, December 30, 2010

construction zone: hard hat required

another reason we have been busy these past few weeks; i had a great idea to start doing gracie's room!  of course 2 weeks before christmas is THE best time for this project don't ya know?!?!

while getting high off paint fumes lovingly painting a gorgeous butter yellow on her walls i came out for a breather and stumbled upon this sign. and seriously, earlier in the day she asked me to glue the stick onto the paper and i didn't even pay attention to the sign. focused? yeah, let's go with that.

 as soon as it is even close to being done, i'll post some pictures.  but she does have a great dress up station courtesy of a couple of ikea expedit bookcases and a shower curtain rod.  and don't you worry your pretty little heads about that lovely white bookcase being unloved. it has already been put to good use this year.

our stockings were hung on the bookcase with care....
i love that it gave me an extra surface to decorate this year.  had to find a place to display all these great gifts and thrift store finds.
and the command adhesive hooks held just fine for santa!

1 comment:

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Holiday times are perfect for projects....or any other time that it doesn't make any sense to start, right?

(Pringles in the stockings - brilliant!!)

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