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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

catching up with school stuff

 i know these are really old, but who cares.  i wanted to get them up mostly for me and the girls' benefit.  a few of the school happenings from last school year and the first day of school this year.

savannah had her 3rd grade recycled fashion show and my girlfriend, jennie, helped her make a skirt out of a man's dress shirt.  looked so great that she wore it to church until recently when she outgrew it.  super cute.  and they even made scrunchies from the cuffs! i wanted to put the pics of the process up but haven't been able to get the pics from her yet and i just want to post this stuff.

gracie with her end of the year happenings.  her class did a mother's day luau and for the end of the year they always do a cute concert and then an awards ceremony and picnic reading afterwards.  we get to sit outside and read the things they have written throughout the year.  super cute and fun.  

gracie with all of her buddies.  so cute!

first day of school 2010
 it's hard to believe that this one is in 7th grade already! where does the time go? 

 on to first grade for grace.

 savannah is the fantastic fourth grader!!!
new shoes for the first day! 
  no more tables. she's a big girl with a desk now!

savannah with one of the best 4th grade teacher in the world! sarah had her as well. we love mrs. ball!

sarah had to go with us to see her teachers from grades gone by.  one of the best 5th grade teachers EVEH!!

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