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Thursday, December 30, 2010

dad can't have all the fun

we girls can't let our dad have ALL the fitness fun.  the girls and i have participated in a few races this year as well.  they may not have been as tough, but they were just as fun.  

Here we are in our first race ever. I did a 5k and the girls did a 1k.  
all i have to say is that i think we will opt out of any races that take place in JULY next year! it was H-O-T!
sarah and savannah checking out the competition.  seriously girls, i think you take him.
grace coming in for her photo finish.  the thing that is great about this girl is even when she gets tired, she. does. not. stop!
and a race would not be complete without the viking man!
if you look closely you will even see the nipple ring! (he surfaced again at one of m's races later in the year, but no pic that time.)
or some random dude with a speedo.  (this one's for you rebecca. ;)

here we are at the fire fighter's 5k.  grace and i were the only participants this time. 

 this race was super fun with all the firemen.  one was even racing in full gear.  the race is a memorial to a firefighter who died, but while he was alive he loved running.  this ladder truck was at the entrance to the race with the big flag blowing in the wind.  nice touch.

the last race of the year was the pumpkin run.  we entered with a few friends and their kids too.  savannah and grace did the 1k, and the rest of us did the 5k.  sarah and her friend, katie, beat me by 20 seconds! i'll get you next time girls!  matt (on the right end) beat everyone. he's a little speed demon!

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