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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

kings and serfs

as i mentioned in the last post, we have the rosebroughs to thank for introducing us to the fab game of "kings & serfs".  here are marybeth and myself as the king and queen.  i have to say they have more creative hats than us!

 mauricio as my queen ;)  we all knew he would show his true colors eventually.
 ha ha ha! i am the king!!!!
 linda and marybeth as the lowly serfs.
 trouble making serfs.
 king marybeth enjoying her reign.

 the most  handsome serf of the evening.  sorry zach, i am referring to the guy above.

 although the rosebroughs have great hats, our impromptu serf gear at the hotel was pretty fantastic.
you can't beat a disposable hotel shower cap and a leftover plastic cookie package!  sarah is such a good sport.

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