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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

christmas home tour 2010

i've always had fun perusing all of those fantastic blogs out there with all of the fabulous christmas decorations in everyone else's houses.  this year i wanted to finally participate.  now, having said that, my house looks like charlie brown christmas compared to everyone else's but, i. don't. care.  we enjoy it and that is all that matters.  so from our home to yours: enjoy and merry christmas!

(just so you know, some of this is my doing and some is thanks to my good friend, jennie, who has a knack for all things crafty and decorating! thanks girlfriend!)

i may not have one of those ginormous christmas villages, but i love how it fits on top of the piano.  my little one adores it and loves to play with the little people in it. 

  my favorite piece in the house: the main nativity.  and seriously, i got it at the dollar store! i have always wanted one of those really nice expensive lladro porcelain set ups, but i think i like my $8 ceramic one much better.
 mary's not bad looking for a buck right?

 another nativity.  a little cheesy with the quilt batting, but hey! i used what i had on hand!
 this little gem of a nativity was the first one i bought when we were first married.  i found it in a little candy shop in oxford, ms where my parents live.

   these next two are displayed in the family room. i definitely have to say i love them the most, because after everyone is in bed i like to sit with some hot cocoa and watch a cheesy hallmark christmas movie with all the lights, except these, turned off.  

 we love books, so why not display some christmas ones during the holidays?
 i'm not a huge fan of the country motif anymore, but i still love me this cute little snowman family i found at a craft fair years ago.  i will have you know all the pine cones are either from our yard or collected throughout the years, no store bought ones here! (but if you have that kind i won't judge.....too harshly ;) ) 
 this mug is one of my favorites.  it was made by my grandmother when i was a child and mrs. claus is on the opposite side.  (should have snapped a shot of her too.)

merry christmas!

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Heidi said...

Your house is beautifully decorated! I love it! Now you just need to stay cold so you can have some snow for Christmas!!! :)

It's fun to see you blogging again and catching up with your cute family!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely decorations. The doorway with the stacked presents and small trees looks magical. I want those trees now, lol. I'm visiting from The Nester's tour, thanks for sharing.

3girlsmom said...

thanks girls! @heidi: i wish we were going to be cold for christmas!!! we checked and it is supposed to be in the high 70s!!! so disappointed. but we will enjoy the cold while we have it!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Charlie Brown Christmas- whatever! I'm DYING over those tower o' presents....HOW CAN I DO THAT WITH BOYS THAT WOULD LOVE TO SMASH IT TO THE GROUND???? So awesome. I'm filing that away in my memory bank for next Christmas (with a few safety modifications....HA!)

I wish we had Christmas books - I love that. I thought about checking some out from the library, but let's face it: I'm too lazy ;)

And for the record, I've NEVER seen a nativity at the Dollar Store. Drat.

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