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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hovering Hanna, Icky Ike & Just Josephine

Well this is the topic of our daily conversations here in south florida. the "triplets" are moving nicely out in the good old atlantic and everyone is watching to see what will happen. so far we are in no immanent danger of hanna, but the ike man has got alot of people worried. i think still too far out to judge, but we shall see. they say lovely josephine will pose no threat to south florida but alas, only time will tell with her as well. i wanted to post these maps because it looks cool to see three storms all lined up. i should have gotten one from yesterday and you could still see the gustav as well. but well, you can do your own research to see what it looked like if you really want to check it out.

hope everyone is ready just in case mr. ike decides to pay a visit! guess i better go get some extra ice!! november 30th can't come quick enough!!!! do check out the infrared map below and see what ike looks like. he looks like a meanie!


Tami said...

heather, heather, heather, HEATHER!!!!! Is this really you? I can't believe it. I found Titi on Facebook and then found YOU! Woo hoo! How are you? So much to get caught up on. I need your email address...TamiFSmith@cox.net. Girls are so big. Can't wait to get caught up...BTW, we're chillin' with Hanna the storm right now. Loved the hurricane tracker in your blog! We are in the southeast corner of VA.

Heidi said...

Well I must say that it doesn't look like much fun! I hope the "triplets" pose you no danger! Keep us posted you Al Roker you!

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