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Saturday, September 27, 2008

hAppy bIrThdaY GraCie!!

okay so gracie is offically 5 as of sept 26th! she is a whole hand and it will be the only time she is half of sarah's age. just some interesting trivia about this particular birthday.

gracie has been asking me everyday "am i five yet mommy?" and today, friday, sept 26th, i can finally say "yes! you are five!"

and then she said to me in the car "do i still have to stay home with you mommy?" and i said "why? are you ready to go to school?" and she said "yes!" too funny!

we had a really fun day and i will post that tomorrow since you can see that i am barely getting this one done. she was so excited about her new dress (the one she is wearing in the last picture). and when we got home, late i might add, from dinner she was waiting for more presents, so i wrapped up a couple of things i had for her and when mauricio and i came out of our room to give them to her she was sitting on the couch waiting soooooo patiently for us. too cute. i think she is still awake playing with the two toys she got.

so here's to being a whole hand! we love you gracie and are soooooo glad to be your parents. enjoy being 5!
1 day old
2 weeks
4 mo
4 mo
6 mo as a leprachan
8 mo
11 mo
11 mo
1 year
13 mo looking for pumpkins at the pumpkin patch
13 mo

13 mo with her favorite friend, her thumb
17 mo as dj gracie
18 mo (easter)
19 mo "ta-da"
22 mo she would always sit on the watermelon at my in-laws
23 mo
23 mo (can you tell she loves hats?)
23 mo "ta-da"
2 years
3 yrs
3.5 years on the plane to utah
3.5 years with her cousin, summer
3.5 years as a flower girl in her aunt's wedding
4 years with her fav shirt
4 years with her fav toy, storm
4 years mwah-ha-ha! as a scarey witch!
4.5 years
4.5 years
5 years


Idaho Pascoes said...

How precious! I love seeing how her curls get longer & longer. Dad would always rave about how beautiful your girls are. I'm so glad I'm able to see how right he is for myself!

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Graicie! Too bad we don't live closer with then we could have a sitcom with our two 5 year olds Will & Grace -- but Will is not gay! :)

I love the you are a old as a whole hand -- good stuff!

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