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Monday, September 29, 2008

we love miss gina

we have a fantastic storytime librarian at our local library, miss gina. (there is also miss kelly but we didn't get any pics with her duh!) sadly they are closing our branch for expansion for 18 months! so by the time they are done gracie will be in kindergarten and not be going to storytime anymore. :( so for our last storytime we took some pics to remember our good times here. we will see miss gina at the other branch since that is where we will be forced to go for a while, but no worries it's a nice library also, just not "ours". thanks for all the great times miss gina! we love ya!

gracie making her barn
gracie and miss gina (and pepe the tucan)

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Johnston Family said...

Thank you for missing me. I miss you too. ;)

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