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Monday, September 22, 2008

the two that stayed

well, we are done with selling the puppies. we had decided to keep one but ended up with two. we had some people come out and look at our last male (greenie), but he was set on a female and we were not selling the female. sorry dude. anyway, at this point we couldn't separate them because they are so bonded. they are stuck together like glue. and the female (minty) is a daddy's girl. she loves playing with gunnar.

minty has a new name. it's lucy. we still need to find a good name for the other male. we'll post it in the sidebar when we get one. but for now he is still "greenie."

it is a bittersweet feeling that that chapter in our lives is over. our family had a great experience and we learned so much about dogs and puppies. it was fun while it lasted but also was A LOT of work and we are glad that that part is over. it is much easier dealing with only 2 as opposed to 8 puppies. we are just happy that everyone went to new homes and that they will be well taken care of and loved. and we don't want to do this again!
here are green and lucy with pinks.
green is the one on the left and lucy is the one in the middle.
enjoying their new bones.


Idaho Pascoes said...

Holy cow - their feet are HUGE! Zeus, our Germ Shorthair, was like that too. They are so akward, like a teenage boy that grew 12 in taller overnight - totally uncoordinated. Are they housebroken yet? Luckily you have 3 girls to help cleanup any messes in that department. =)

3girlsmom said...

i know their paws are big! that is what gunnar's looked like too.

they are actually doing quite well with the potty training. but for the most part they are outside dogs, except at night when they are in the crate on the screened patio. that has been their "den" for the past 10 weeks. i don't do big dogs in the house. can you imagine 4 german shepherds in the house with 3 girls? and carpet?

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