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Monday, September 8, 2008

looks like a miss. phew!

we are happy to report that it looks like ike is passing us by! thank goodness. now, don't get me wrong, we won't breath easily until he is way past us but we are not in "the cone" anymore and are glad for that. we might see some wind and rain but that is fine by me. sorry for where it has been/is/and going but glad it is NOT coming here. (at least as far as we know.) becky get ready, it looks like it is coming toward the great state of texas.


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Bring it on, baby!! We need a good storm. That Gusav didn't even give us a sprinkle (although we did get a nice breeze). We're so far inland that the actual hurricanes don't affect us, but I'd love to see some remnants!

Looks like you guys are going to be on your toes this year...

Heidi said...

I'm glad it was a miss for you! And I'm glad that I'm not in the path!

Johnston Family said...

I am glad it missed you guys too!! I don't miss that part of florida.. well Ryan does though. IF he could he would stand outside and watch them! How are you doing? I miss you! I was telling Ryan that you are one of my only friends I can be wacky with and you won't think I am strange... okay maybe you still will. ;)

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