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Saturday, September 6, 2008

bye bye big blue ):

well the first of the puppies is gone.  it is a bittersweet feeling.  well, kind of.  let's just say there were some tears.  as much as we want these guys to go it is hard to say goodbye.  even with the check in hand we waved very sadly, as the nice couple who adopted "big blue" aka "fatso" drove away.  he will, however, have a great life with them.  they have 3 other dogs and about 6 horses, live on 5 acres with a big pond.  so he won't be lonely and he will be well taken care of.  and they use the same vet as i do for brady so maybe we'll run into them sometime.  the girls were sad, but with a promise that we would keep one puppy they are somewhat consoled.

here's a few parting pics of our little big guy. 
  have a good one "fastso".  
we love ya! 

one last romp with brady
final kisses for sarah


Heidi said...

I guess it's like they say . . . parting is such sweet sorrow. how is that for cheesy? I'm sad for your girls but happy for the family that is taking "fatso" (who picked that name?)

Our Family said...

Those puppies are seriously so dang cute!! I can't believe how LONG Gracie's hair is! Oh by the way.. I already knew we were white trash! :) I just had to make sure everyone else knew it! Can you guys move by us so we can go to Steak N' Shake? Nevermind... there isn't one here! Maybe we'll just move there again!

Pollock Family said...

The coloring is all different, but I can see a little Phillips in there... the kids not the dog:)

I just want to say I FINALLY finished Twilight, all 4 books! SO GOOD. Yes, I'm a loser and totally took forever to get around to reading them. I can't believe I waited so long, but am glad to be able to read all 4 in one sitting. Okay 1 week really. My poor family was so neglected. Anyway I too cannot wait for the movie!

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