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Monday, September 22, 2008

a "ruff" week ):

this week was a rough one for us. there were lots of tears. four of the puppies left in one day! that was really hard. especially since 3 of the four were some of our favorites. pinkie is the one in the top photo. she was the tiniest at birth. then the bottom pic shows from left to right "yellow" who was mauricio's favorite, ruby ("red"), mom's fav, and "goldie", savannah's fav.

they have gone to good homes and will be very happy, i'm sure. yellow went to mauricio's sister in north carolina and ruby went to his other sister in utah. goldie and pinks, as we like to call her, went to really good homes here locally. as soon as i have a chance i will post more pics of them and of the 2 that we are keeping. one by choice and the other because nobody claimed him and now that they have bonded we can't bear to separate them. so we are now a 5 dog family!!!! i'll keep you posted on how that goes.

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