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Monday, September 29, 2008

birthday fun!

gracie had a great birthday on friday! she got a new dress! and yes, she wore it for the ENTIRE weekend! her grandparents brought her an alpaca doll from ecuador. she named it "allie" (the alpaca) for obvious reasons. except brady keeps grabbing it and running off with it!

then we went to daddy's work for "just a little bit". and anyone who knows about the shop knows that that is not how it ever ends up. 4 hours later we got out of there! but she was entertained with computer time, playing darts with mom and the big girls and rolling around in all the cool chairs.

the only thing that she wanted to do after seeing her grandparents was go to mcdonald's. so that's where we went to eat dinner. we stayed for a very long time since there is a nice play area in the one we went to. (the one our bishop owns.) and there are tons of big screen TVs so dad got to watch the debate and the girls played and mom started falling asleep in the big leather chairs by the tv. it was a great day for her!

once we have her big bash we'll post those pics too, but sarah's will be first since we haven't done her friend party yet and she turned 10 back in august!

gracie and "allie"
at mickey d's having fun on the playground.
eating sundaes and apple pie. yum!

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Johnston Family said...

Oh my goodness Gracie has grown up! She is gorgeous! Her hair is so long!! Happy Birthday!

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