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Monday, September 22, 2008

Ruby's tribute

this is our sweet little ruby (red). she is the puppy that we saved when she was born. she was my favorite one out of the bunch. maybe because we had a special bond. she would always come to me when i was out with them and she would sit right down next to me and hang out by my feet. she has a very sweet personality and is really smart.

she has gone to live with mauricio's sister, glenda, in utah. her new name is lizie. she has two doggie friends, a cat friend and two little girls to play with. we miss her lots but know that she is in good hands.

i know there are a ton of pics but bear with us, we did take care of these little ones from birth to 10 weeks.

we love ya ruby!!!

playing with brady.

me and my ruby. getting ready to go to utah.

here is lizie (ruby) with her new family. this one is with my niece summer.
here she is with their other german shepherd, harley.

one more with harley and my brother-in-law, james.
she looks very content.

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