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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

hey twilighters change your calendars!

check out the widget i have on the blog!! i got this from my cousin's blog. a bit of good info!


Shauna said...

Ill be finished with Breaking Dawn when I return next week. It is so far, my favorite of the series I almost did not read.

Heidi said...

This is a fun widget! I know Alli is dying (no pun intended) to see the movie.

Oh and I have to tell you that I love your quote of the day -- and thanks for the one you posted on mine. It was perfect. . . and so are you!

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

I guess the news is pretty equal, right? Twilight will be coming sooner (yeah!) but Harry Potter's been pushed back to next summer (BOO!)

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