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Monday, September 8, 2008

another one gone ): ):

well another puppy has left us today. it was an especially hard one for sarah as it was her all time favorite. ): she is getting better and dealing with it. i have to admit it was hard for me too as she was my favorite also. she and i could definately NOT live on a farm. we would be big bawl babies everytime an animal left or got eaten. turquois has gone to a great family with two teenage girls. she will be well looked after and loved.
we love ya turquois!
last kisses for sarh.


Heidi said...

I forgot how many pups are to go? I know you said you are keeping one but I can't remember the total. It looks like it would a hard thing to do. I'm with you on the farm living!

Laura D said...

Your girls are so lovely! I could never live on a farm either. But not the same reason as you...

Just a side note. I think the movie looks dumb. Why ruin a good book by turning it into a movie?

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

The only book we read growing up was the LWW. It was required reading for one of the grades (third? fifth?) I can't remember. In any case, the plan is to start reading the series to the kids now.

I only got through the first Harry Potter...I thought it was a bit boring. I know, blasphemy. Especially since Sierra them all and has read each at least four times. Obsession would be an understatement. She swears that the books get better, but after the first one, I just watched the movies (for shame!)I loved them though :)

Pollock Family said...

Ok how and where did you get the church thingy? I think they're so cute!

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